Super Seafood BBQ Recipes To Make You Salivate!

Author: Raquel  

We love the aroma of freshly caught fish on an inLusso outdoor BBQ kitchen!

Not much beats it! 

Here's a few of our favourite seafood recipes to cook on your BBQ.


1. Crispy Skin BBQ Salmon

Salmon is a highly nutritious fish and shouldn’t be afraid to cook it on the BBQ. As long as you pay attention to the flame and oil the skin so it doesn’t stick and tear, you will be fine.

Your inLusso cast iron grill plate is reversible and you’ll want to use the flat side of your plate for this recipe.  It will ensure you get nice even crispy skin.



2. BBQ Prawn Tostadas

These funky little prawn tostadas will make you wish you'd made hundreds of them! We've used sumac as a spice here and while it is far from a Mexican spice, it works a treat!



3. Whole BBQ Snapper

A fresh snapper is a beautiful thing. And perfumed with this rainbow mellody its a frangrance that's very hard to resist!

A whole fish is also a delicated thing to cook on one the BBQ so head over to this recipe to discover our simple method to ensure you snapper will be cooked barbequed to perfection!



4. BBQ Garlic Prawn Skewers

Don’t stress if you don’t have skewers for this recipe, you can put them straight on the grill; the skewer just prevents the prawns from curling up and makes them easier to handle.

If you're using bamboo skewers make sure you soak them in water for atleast an hour or so before so they don't burn up as soon as they hit the grill.




5. Char-Grilled Baby Octopus


This is a very simple bbq recipe that is full of flavour and sure to impress your family and friends!

To make life easier ask your fish monger to prep and clean the ocotpus.


baby octopus ready for the bbq

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