How To Cook Lamb Backstrap On The BBQ

Author: Raquel  

How To Cook Lamb Backstrap 


Lamb back strap is one of our favourite cuts of lamb, but things can go wrong pretty fast and since it’s one of the more expensive cuts of lamb its really important to know how to cook it so that it doesn’t go tough and chewy. There is nothing more disappointing!


First up, you want to tenderise it. There are two ways to do this; you can marinade it in a marinade that has ingredients that tenderise, or you can use a meat mallet and take out a few of the day’s frustrations with going to jail!


I always tenderise because the times I have cooked the back strap without tenderising it if the butchers hasn’t already have had a disappointing result. Basically you are putting little slits in the meat.

I do prefer my butcher to do because they have machines that make the little slits go all the way through and the back strap only needs one go over.


If you are doing it with a tenderiser at home you need to do both sides. I always call this ‘docked’ but not in the way most people think of the word when it comes to lambs. I take the word from docking a pizza. You know those spikey things on a handle that turn when you roll them across the pizza dough? One of those!


Basically, lay your lamb back strap on a board and with the spiked side of your meat mallet give that baby a what-for with some decent pressure in each hit. Don’t pulverise it, but you do want to create little dints in the backstrap. Flip it and do the othersider.


If you are the kind of eater who likes their twice dead I don’t recommend back strap for you. You certainly can cook it to double dead charcoal but there is a very big change the texture will be a whole lotta’ crap.

Marinate your back strap and cook it over really high heat. A couple of minutes on each side is all you want unless it's a really thick piece of lamb. Then remove if from the BBQ, cover and let it rest for about 8 minutes.

The next step is slicing, then you can eat it I promise – make sure you slice it across the grain, not with the grain.


Lamb Backstrap Ban Mi Style Sandwich

If the backstraps are small you should still get 2 rolls out of them. Depending on how hungry you are!

1 lamb backstrap

2 crunchy Frech rolls



1 sm carrot, julienned

4 spring onions, roots rmoved



First up, check if your backstrap is docked or not, if not, pull out your meat tenderiser and get pummelling as per instructions above.


Rub the backstrap with olive oil, rub in the garlic, season with salt and pepper and lay the Rosemary underneath and on top. Allow to the back strap to marinate for a few hours if possible or a good 20 minutes at least.

Heat a BBQ to medium-high heat, once hot, place the back strap on and cook for a couple of minutes on each side.

Remove from the flame and place on a plate, cover with foil and rest for about 8 minutes. Slice on an angle against the grain.

Meanwhile, place veggies on the rolls, add the backstrap, 

Pour over the juices, pop the top on and enjoy!

A piece of lamb backstop on a board with Rosemary

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