How To Create A Cosy Outdoor Kitchen In Tasmania

Author: Raquel  


Tasmania is known for its chilly winter days and frosty nights, but there is no need to let the big chill interrupt your outdoor entertaining lifestyle.

There are a few things you can do to create cosy alfresco kitchens in Tasmania, and we’ve developed two fantastic products to help warm the cockles of your soul. And your little ol’ fingers!

The first thing to think about when designing an outdoor area is where to situate your outdoor kitchen. Especially in parts of the world where the weather can be extreme!

Ideally, you want some shelter overhead and on a couple of sides of your outdoor kitchen to protect you (and your alfresco kitchen!) from wind or rain.

You could install retractable screens, but if you want to add a little style to your outdoor area, you could also install decorative metal screens.


Decorative Metal Screens!

These eye-catching screens are laser cut and crafted from Corten Steel, the kind of steel that creates a rusty finish over time.

They have a privacy rating that varies depending on the laser-cut design you choose. While they’re not explicitly designed to block wind and rain, they do offer protection if you choose a design with fewer cuts or cuts that are closer together.

By strategically placing these screens around your outdoor area, you create a windbreak and add a touch of style to your alfresco kitchen.

These flat panels are also available as folding panels where multiple panels are joined together, creating a barrier between you and the breeze.

Find our designer screens here: Decorative Metal Screens

Metal decorative outdoor screens for outdoor entertainment areas

Metal Fire Pits

Another way to create a cosy outdoor kitchen is by adding some fire pits.

They add warmth and atmosphere! Imagine sitting around a custom-designed metal fire pit with your family and friends, toasting marshmallows as you warm fingers and toes and the fire crackles away comfortably, while a soul-warming roast is cooking on your outdoor kitchen BBQ!

The other bonus of a fire pit is that they’re easy to move around when the need arises. So unlike a built-in fireplace, you have the option of mobility with an inLusso fire pit.

Our fire pits come in 6 designs: Fire Pits]

A range of metal fire pits to build a camp fire in.


Outdoor Heaters

There are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor heaters and they are certainly a great way to stay warm. They may not be as enticing to look at as a crackling fire, but they do keep you warm! Outdoor heaters are availbale in gas and electric version.


Super Soft Blankets and Cushions

Nothing beats sunggling up in a super soft blankie with a plush cushion to cuddle. Except maybe sunggling up in a super soft blankie with a plush cushion to cuddle and a fire crackling enticingly in your fire pit!

The best thing about adding fluffy blankets and cushions to you outdoor kitchen is that you can really add character to your entertaining area with splases of colour and great patterns. 

Bean bags are a great option too, there's some pretty funky couch or chair molded models on the market too!


How do you keep warm in our outdoor kitchen? Let us know below!

Happy Barbequing!

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