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Your inLusso BBQ comes with three cast-iron plates, two grill plates and a flat plate. These three cast iron grills and plates offer three main cooking methods. 


Cast Iron Grill and Cast Iron Plate Configurations

The first thing to do is choose your grill configuration. 

You may want both grill plates side-by-side and the flat plate on the outside, or the flat plate in the middle and a grill plate on either side.

The most important thing to do is decide before you preheat your BBQ at any given time. Cast iron is heavy, which is excellent, but awkward to move once it’s hot. 

Let’s take a quick look at the three cooking methods you can use on your 6-burner gas barbeque.


Cast Iron Grill

An open bar grill is excellent when you want the fire to kiss your food. Flame grilling is one of our favourite ways to BBQ and a standard feature of any barbeque.

Heat and flame circulate your food through the bars allowing for fast searing and cooking.


Grill Cast Iron Plate – Double Sided

Our flat plate is reversible. One side is entirely flat, and the other is a solid grill plate.

The solid grill side of your plate is perfect for grilling more delicate ingredients that you want char marks on without risking flare-ups or cooking something that might fall through the open grill.

It’s also great when you want your ingredients to cook in a sauce or butter and want a little moisture from the sauce to stop food from drying out.

Think asparagus with garlic butter or rings of onion brushed with olive oil, garlic and thyme. 

Closed Hood 

Once you close the hood of your BBQ, you’ve essentially created an oven-like environment that contains heat and is perfect for slow cooking, roasting, helping thicker cuts of meat cook through and keeping food warm.

Keep the thermometer and glass panel in your hood clean so you can see what’s happing inside the BBQ and know what internal temperature is.

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