Lime & Chilli Coleslaw Recipe

Author: Raquel  

Serves 4-5 as a side


This colourful salad is light, fresh and zingy. The trick, I believe, is to try and cut all of the ingredients into similar sized juliennes or matchsticks. You can get some great julienne peelers these days that will make light work of the job.


It’s a great salad to serve with BBQ meat because the crunch from the fresh veggies and heat of the chilli can stand up to any smokey barbeque meat!


If love the heat of chilli leave the seeds in, if not remove them.



¼ red cabbage, julienned

¼ white cabbage, julienned

3 sticks celery, julienned

¼ bunch parsley, roughly chopped, reserve a few leaves to garnish

3 long red chilli, sliced

Freshly ground pepper & salt

1/3 cup chilli-infused olive oil

Juice 1 lime

2 limes, sliced in half or in quarters, to serve

2 tbsp peanuts, roughly chopped



Combine all veggies in a bowl.

Season with pepper and salt.

Combine oil and lime juice and pour over the salad.

Top with reserved parsley, chilli and peanuts


A coleslaw with Chilli oil and limes

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