How To Protect Your Outdoor Kitchen in Melbourne

Author: Raquel  Date Posted:9 May 2022 

How to Protect Your Outdoor Kitchen in Melbourne!

Anyone who lives in Melbourne knows that it’s the state of four seasons in one day. A morning that starts foggy and damp can soon become sunny and bright. 

With these crazy weather patterns in mind, it's essential to take a few steps to protect your outdoor kitchen against the elements.


Is Your Alfresco Kitchen in Melbourne Protected From The Elements?


•    Where Should You Install Your Outdoor Kitchen?

First up, think about where your alfresco kitchen is situated. inLusso Outdoor BBQ Kitchens are manufactured with longevity and weather protection in mind, but it’s still important to consider where your outdoor kitchen will be installed.

Is it in the path of direct sunlight all day? Just as we need a little shade here and there, so does your kitchen.

Ideally, your alfresco kitchen should be installed undercover. A pergola or veranda is a great way to protect your outdoor kitchen in Melbourne. 
You can also go one step further if you have the funds and space and build an outdoor room designed for your alfresco dining lifestyle.

Simple Steps To Protect Your Outdoor BBQ Kitchen in Melbourne

•    Retractable Screens

If your outdoor entertaining area has the right bones, you could consider installing a retractable screen.
They look great and come in VU protection materials, and when that cold Melbourne wind blows, you can still enjoy your entertaining area without comprising that great Australian lifestyle.

•    Use a BBQ Cover!

inLusso has a range of barbeque covers to suit our outdoor kitchens in Melbourne. 
A BBQ cover stops the UV rays from penetrating your alfresco kitchen and helps maintain the colour and vibrancy of your BBQ kitchen.

A BBQ cover will also keep your alfresco kitchen clean and dust or dirt free.

•    Keep It Clean

Dirt and grease can quickly build up in a BBQ kitchen, so keeping it clean is important.

Wiping down door fronts, benches, and the tops of your stainless steel barbeque are all obvious things we think to do regularly, but what about those other areas? 

•    Burner knobs
•    Inside the stainless steel BBQ hood 
•    Stainless steel side panels and hinges?
•    Behind the BBQ

These spots are often missed, but by giving them a quick wipe when you’re cleaning the rest of your outdoor kitchen, you’ll enjoy a long life of barbecuing and entertaining family and friends! 


Got any tips of your own on protecting your outdoor BBQ Kitchen or Alfresco area against Melbournes erratic weather?

Let us know in the comments!


Gas bbq kitchen in Melbourne with cast iron plates and stainless steel burner knobs



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