How To Create An Outdoor Kitchen Herb Garden

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Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Herb Box

Create a fresh herb box to keep on hand when you're barbecuing.

Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow and keep alive. So even if you have a black thumb, you should still be able to keep them alive long enough to enjoy them. However, don't keep them too close to the bbq, or they'll wilt from the heat.

They look great too! Especially if you buy some nice plant pots or planter boxes!

Choose your planters to suit the colour and design of your alfresco area.

We don't know about you, but some often go to waste when we buy bunches of herbs.

Growing your own herbs will stop that waste and save you money in the long run!

Pick what you need and leave the rest to keep on growing.


Herb gardens are there to be used so don't be shy!

Don't be shy to use them and replant more.

Potted herbs are great value, especially compared to bunches we buy from the supermarket, so don't be afraid to finish the plant and buy another one.

To get things moving along quickly buy herb plants that are well established. Then you can start using them immediately without worrying about using them all in one go - instant gratification!

A pot full of mixed salad leaves looks great too!

And if you are one of those people who like a little taste test while you're cooking, you'll have salad on hand too!

TIP: Keep a pair of shears or scissors close by so you can easily cut what you want off.


Which herbs are best for an outdoor kitchen BBQ herb box?

Woody herbs are great for adding to marinades. Herbs like Rosemary and thyme are the best flavour bombs and suit just about any ingredient you want to marinate.

Parsley, coriander, chives, basil, sage, mint and oregano are great herbs when it comes to soft leafy herbs. Lemon Verbena is a beautiful herb with a sweet, lemony, floral fragrance and gives your outdoor kitchen entertaining area a lovely scent. 

An outdoor BBQ kitchen with herbs and a herb box

Getting started

You will need a few basic supplies to get you going and to complete this project.


What you'll need:

• Potting mix

• Plant pots or planter box

• Herbs of choice

• Gardening gloves, if you want them

• Small gardening tools, but hands can work just as well if you prefer


Starting from scratch

If you want to start from scratch and plant seeds, you'll need a couple more things to get you going.

A suitable pot to start the seeds, Jiffy coir or peat pots are perfect and biodegradable. Win-win!

You can also buy a small plastic seed-raising tray with a lid. These trays are designed to create a greenhouse environment to help the germination progress move quicker and protect your baby herbs from the weather.

They are also a great place to create a garden of micro herbs! 


TIP: Recycle an egg carton to sow your seeds in.

  • Seed raising mix
  • Jiffy Coir or peat pot or egg carton
  • Seed raising tray or mini greenhouse with seed raising tray


Planting - Plant pots and planter boxes

You have a few choices here.

Planting a few different herbs in a medium-sized rectangle planter box looks fantastic. 

It's one of those things you can push to the back of your outdoor kitchen bench and have all the herbs you need in one place.


Planting your established herbs

  •  Fill your plant pot with potting mix.
  • To remove the herb plant from their pots, gently squeeze the sides to loosen the plants and carefully tip the plant out of the pot.
  • Place the plant in your new pot and fill it with potting mix. 
  • Press the soil down to compress and top it up with more if needed.
  • Give it water, and you're done!

A GarageKing garage storage system with gardening products and potting shelf

Caring for your outdoor kitchen herbs

Herbs don't need a lot of attention. 

Water is, of course, the most important resource they need to stay alive.

Although you can over-water them too. Keep an eye on the soil and if it feels a little dry give them a drink.

If you live in an area with lots of bugs, soome kind of bug catcher is a good idea.

Most gardening stores and nurseries sell sheets of sticky yellow paper. The bugs that like to eat your plants are attracted to them and end up stuck to the sheet.

While you can tear soft herbs off the plant, using a pair of snips or scissors to cut them off is better.


Levelling up!

If you want a fancier look than pot plants there as some fantastic benchtop hydroponic set up with water tanks and LED growing lights. 


An outdoor BBQ kitchen with potted herbs


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