Cheats Peking Style Duck Pancakes and Pork Lion

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You'll love this cheats Peking Style Duck Pancake recipe!

Luna New Year – Chinese New Year Duck Recipe

Whether you call it Luna New Year or Chinese New Year, it’s just around the corner, and we are celebrating with Peking Duck Pancakes!


A platter on an outdoor kitchen with barbecued duck breast and pancakes

Chinese New Year is a festival that celebrates the beginning of the New Year. It’s one of the most important dates in the Chinese calendar. This year, it officially begins on the 22nd of January, when the new moon rises and is widely celebrated in Australia.
Luna New Year spans all cultures across Asia and is a celebration that is loved wholeheartedly with many traditions upheld. 

The festival runs for 16 days and celebrates the coming of spring. This year falls under the year of the rabbit.

We have many Asian cultural hubs in Melbourne that celebrate the Luna New Year and Asian culture.

China Town in our great city is, of course, a celebrated area any time of the year. 
You can also head to Springvale in Melbourne’s South East, a well-known Vietnamese hub of culture, food with some fabulously impressive temples only a couple of minutes down Springvale Road.
Every Luna New Year, these temples celebrate with locals to see in the new year.

Box Hill, Footscray and Sunshine are also heavily Asian-Influenced suburbs in Melbourne.
These suburbs are integral hubs of Cultural restaurants and grocers in Melbourne’s Asian scene.

If you don’t want to head out for Luna New Year celebrations but still wish to mark the occasion with some fabulous Asian food, we have a fabulous Duck Pancake cheat you will love!

You can cook your duck from scratch, but trust us, you will love this easy, tasty cheat.

And it comes to us from Luv-A-Duck!

Peking Style Duck Pancakes!

Peking duck style pancake platter in an outdoor bbq kitchen

Grab yourself one of these packs, and rather than heating them in the microwave, throw them on your inLusso gas BBQ and give them a touch of fire and smoke.

We used a medium flame, so the marinade didn’t burn and stuck with the microwave to heat the pancakes - so they stayed soft and supple.

We also microwaved the remaining Peking sauce until steamy to pour over the cooked duck.

To serve with our duck, we marinated a couple of pork loins in Peking marinade to up the protein portions. 

To serve, we sliced up some baby cucumbers, spring onions, chilli and yellow capsicums for freshness and colour and served it all on a big platter.  

If you want to cook your own duck, head to one of our cultural Melbourne hubs and pick up some marinated duck breasts and Chinese pancakes - these are the super thin variety.

Heat your BBQ over medium flame, and spray the duck with a bit of olive oil. 
Cook for 5 - 7 minutes, turning until the duck breast is cooked through.


Chinese style duck pancakes in an outdoor kitchen


Luv-A-Duck peking style pancake share pack with marinated pork lions

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