Alfresco Living in Adelaide - Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Kitchen Adelaide

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From the freshest seafood in the Southern Ocean to the pristine Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley, one thing is for sure, when it comes to cooking this vibrant produce, Adelaideans demand the best outdoor kitchens money can buy.

A high-quality BBQ is a must when cooking delicate seafood and tender new season fresh produce.

There's nothing worse than firing up your grill in anticipation of a restaurant-quality meal only to find that your fish has stuck to the grill and your vegetables have burnt on a hot spot.

Well, worry no more. With an inLusso 6-burner gas BBQ, you own one of the best gas barbecues in Adelaide, and with our BBQ tips and tricks, you'll never have an embarrassing BBQ failure again!

Immerse yourself in some of Adelaide's finest cuisine and become your own private chef with our exclusive range of luxury outdoor kitchens in Adelaide.

Barbequing 101

First up, make sure you have prepped!
Gather everything you need before you even think about firing up your grill. This step is really important. You don't want to have to leave food on the grill to duck back inside for something you've forgotten, only to return to a charcoal mess.
Pre-cut ingredients,  gather oil, salt & pepper, and BBQ tools and don't forget a clean plate or platter to put your food on once it's cooked.

Your outdoor kitchen is a real asset here; cabinets and draws can hold tools, oil, seasoning, and foil to prevent you from running backwards and forward.

The Flame Game
Next up, think about the ingredients you want to cook and what kind of temperature will get the best barbecue results.
Cooking a chicken breast over a high flame will only end in disaster.
The outside will burn before the inside even starts to cook.
Excellent if you love a rare steak, not so good if you want to avoid salmonella!
Start with a medium flame for most ingredients other than steak, and adjust the flame as your cook.
All inLusso recipes have a flame guide to ensure you cook up a storm and not a charred mess!

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Delicate Ingredients 
Ingredients like fish fillets require a more delicate hand when barbecuing them. 
Ensure the fish is well oiled and your barbecue grill plates are clean and adequately heated. 
There are a few options for grilling delicate produce.

1.    Aluminium Foil or Baking PaperYou can use aluminium foil to guard against burning and sticking.
Place the fish fillet onto a piece of foil, wrap it up and place it directly onto the grill. It's a great way to add flavour too. Throw in some aromatics and vegetables.

2. A Baking DishYou can also use a metal baking dish or oven tray as a guard between the flame and the grill and cook directly on the tray.

3.    Silicone BBQ MatsSilicone BBQ mats are widely available in kitchen shops now. Just place it on the grill and barbeque as per usual. Silicone is heat resistant to around 230°C, so you do not need to worry about it burning!


Direct Flame vs Indirect Flame
Mastering direct and indirect flame barbecuing turns your gas hood BBQ into the most versatile cooking vessel you will ever own!
There is nothing that can't be perfectly cooked on your inLusso gas BBQ with a hood and built-in thermometer. 
Grill, roast, slow-cook, bake it can do it all!

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You'll find more articles, recipes, tips and tricks on our blog page and socials.

Our 6-burner gas BBQ is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel, and it isn't just a barbeque. The stainless steel hood with a built-in temperature gauge turns this sleek BBQ into the ultimate outdoor oven!


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