A Sun Smart Outdoor Kitchen for Queensland Alfresco Living!

Author: Raquel  

When we think of Queensland, we think of long, hot, sunny days spent by the seaside, good friends and family, laughter, sun and surf. 

Perhaps a fishing trip to catch your dinner…  Ocean fresh seafood just caught then charred on the barbie with an ice-cold beer.

It's the ultimate Australian lifestyle! Alfresco dining will never go out of style in our sunshine state! Even in winter, Queenslanders love to cook outdoors. As a result, Queensland outdoor kitchens get a good run for their money and a lot of use.
Those long hot days need an outdoor kitchen that can stand up to Queensland's intense heat and high UV index. So, it's important to think about where you position your outdoor kitchen and how to maintain it.

While inLusso outdoor BBQ kitchens have a high UV rating, if your alfresco kitchen is positioned in direct sunlight all day, you may want to invest in a BBQ cover to protect your kitchen when it isn't in use. 

Ideally, position your kitchen under a veranda or somewhere that doesn't get hit with direct sunshine all day.

You also need to consider how you will use your alfresco kitchen and how much space you have in your outdoor entertaining area. 

Do you want a compact and low-maintenance kitchen with a few draws and a cabinet that looks stylish in your small alfresco areas? With a high-quality stone benchtop to rival any indoor kitchen bench!

Maybe you're an avid fisherman who loves catching and preparing your fish? In this case, you might want to consider a stainless steel bench over a stone benchtop. A built-in sink is a must to clean and prep your catch right where you'll cook it. 
A bar fridge is a good idea too. Prep, clean, and refrigerate your seafood all in one convenient spot! Remember to leave room in the refrigerator for a few coldies while you prep!

So many people in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are cooking more in their outdoor kitchen than indoors. 
If you're one of these people, cabinets and draws are essential for having all of your barbeque tools, serving ware and tableware on hand and organised just as it would be an indoor kitchen. 
Storage is essential because otherwise, you'll be running backwards and forwards to gather the BBQ tools your need. 

And let's be honest, we always forget something! And that's often when we overcook food on our BBQ!

A built-in stainless steel sink with a mixer tap means you can clean up quickly and easily and keep everything where it's supposed to be!

And finally, remeber to wipe down your cabinets and draws, especially if you acidently drip oil down the front of them. Sames goes with the inside of your barbecues hood, we often for get to claen the indise of glass viewing window and the built-in BBQ thermometer!

So fire up your barbeque, crack a cold one, and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with Brisbane outdoor kitchens.


An outdoor bbq kitchen in Brisbane with gas bbq, bar fridge, sink and gas side burner in horizon white

Fresh prawns marinating in garlic and chilli on an outdoor kitchen bbq

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