5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your inLusso BBQ!

Author: Raquel  

Cooking Up A Storm On Your inLusso BBQ!

We think there is nothing better than getting together with your family and friends for good ol' BBQ.

So to help you cook up a storm with compiled some of our best barbequing advice for you.


Here are our five top tips to get you on your way!



The main reason food sticks to your cast iron grill is because it’s just not hot enough. Take your time and heat those plates up properly on high heat for around 10 mins with the lid down. Once your plates are flamin’ hot, adjust the flame to the temperature you want to cook with. And remember, a screaming hot grill will deliver a perfect sear and ensure perfect grill marks on your steak every time!



Unless you plan to pull the hot plate and grills off the BBQ and wash them in hot soapy water, you should clean your BBQ while it’s hot. More often than not we don’t clean the plates as soon as the food is cooked to perfection – we’re just too eager to eat that fresh barbequed feast, right?

Once you’ve preheated your grills and plate, grease and grime will lift off so much easier. Grab yourself a wire-bristle BBQ brush or a ceramic cleaning block and scrub, scrub, scrub!



You really want to set up two heat zones, possibly even three! Having a high flame zone and a medium or low heat zone means that if your food starts cooking too quickly on the outside, or if a flare-up occurs, you can move the food to a different section of your BBQ to either slow the cooking process or tame the flame.



Disorganisation is often the cause of many BBQ failings.  If you are constantly running inside for forgotten tools or food, you are more likely to burn what’s already on the grill.

Consider items like a brush or lemons to clean the grills, tongs, turners, salt and pepper, extra oil, and dishes, and Alfoil to wrap cooked food in.



Always oil your food and not the grill. The same applies when cooking protein in a frypan too. When you oil the grill you will burn the oil before the food even makes contact. It can also cause flare-ups when the oil drips between the grills.

There you have it! Our 5 top tips for barbequing success!

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